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I have a feeling our house is not the only house that has 107 bottles of bathroom cleaners. Okay maybe only 33 bottles. But, you get my point. Beyond what we are spending for cleaning products, I noticed I was not always happy with how clean the bathroom was after I cleaned. 

Once again off to Google I went to see what other Mommies might recommend. I found a lot of Mommies were recommending using equal parts of vinegar and dish soap. I tried it and this is what I have continued to make and use. I have enhanced how I clean the shower using this clean. I hope it makes sense. 

Shower Cleaner 

1 cup of White Vinegar
1 cup of Dish Soap 

Items You Need
Spray Bottle 
Rags and/or Sponge
Dry Towel and/or Paper Towels 

1. Heat the vinegar till luke warm. 
2. Pour vinegar and dish soap into the spray bottle. 
3. Put the lid on tight and shake it up. 
4. Spray the mixture onto the shower walls, door, shower heads, floors, etc. 
5. Let the mixture set for at least two hours up to 12 hours. 
6. Get your rag and/or sponge wet with warm water, spray down the shower with warm water and clean your shower. 
7. Take the dry towel and/or paper towels and give the shower one more wipe down. 
8. Enjoy your pretty and clean shower. 

A Few Points to Remember 
I highly recommend using the dish soap that says "oxy". In my opinion it does not matter if it is Dawn or Palmolive. I typically use Palmolive because I can usually get it for free if not really close to free. 

The mixture does not need to be reheated prior to every use. The heating of the vinegar is only for when you first make the batch of the shower cleaner. 

If you need an extra boost for the shower you can sprinkle baking soda onto the shower after you spray water to start cleaning the mixture off. You then use  your sponge or rag to scrub away. 

Always test a small area to ensure that this cleaner will not damage your shower. If you decide to use a sponge, test a small area to make sure the sponge will not damage the shower. 

Make sure you use extreme caution when using any cleaning products. It is always important to use caution when working with any mixtures, heat, etc. Remember that I am just Bonus Mommie and not an expert in materials, cleaning, etc. 

I am looking forward to seeing your before and after pictures. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at jamie@bonusmommie.com.

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