Coupons for Compliments is a dynamic way to build your coupon stash. Coupons for Compliments is your chance to write a company and share your experience of using their product with them. Your note can share an experience that is good or bad or that you are wanting to try their product. You can send them an email, write them a letter or submit a message through their contact us page on their website. Make sure to include your address. You might get a surprise in the mail a few weeks later. 

A few important to remember in regards to Coupons for Compliments. Keep your message simple. Do not send the same message to the same parent company. For example, P&G is the manufacturer of Tide as well as Gain. If you write Tide saying you absolutely love their product and only use them then send the same message to Gain, there is a high probability that you will get the same response and often times it will be from the same customer representative. Write companies every six months. Keep a list of the companies you contact as well as what they send you. Use a personal story such as your kids love the food pouch so much that they had it all over them including in their ears. If it is a true funny story then the mail might contain a little more. This is a great project for your kids to participate in as well. This will work on their letter writing skills. 

Enjoy writing letters. Dedicate five or ten minutes a day to doing this. It will pay off in the end. Enjoy! 


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