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Coupons Sent to Japan
​2013 - 250,000
2014 - 288,000
2015 - 298,000

Coupon Terms, Lingo, Abbreviations, and Phrases.

$1.00/1: One dollar off one item 
$1.00/2: One dollar off of two items  
AC – After Coupon 
AR – After Rebate 
ASAV - Any Size, Any Variety
B1G1 or BOGO – Buy one item get one item free 
B2G1 – Buy two items get one item free 
BOGO50 – Buy one item get one item at 50% off 
Beep: The sound when a coupon is scanned however the register does not accept the coupon. This will require the cashier to do something like check the price, verify the item or quantity of the item purchased or call for a manager.  
Blinkie – In-Store SmartSource coupon dispensed near product, usually from a red blinking box. 
CAT or Catalina – Coupon dispensed at register after purchase 
CDB – Coupon Database  
CO – Cents Off Coupon Digital Coupon - Also known as an e-coupon.  
DND – Do not double 
DNT – Do not triple 
E-coupon: Coupon that can be loaded onto your preferred shopper card that will electronically be taken off at check out if you purchase that item. 
ETS - Excludes trial size 
EXP - Expires  Expired: The deal that was being offered is no longer available 
FAC – Free after coupon 
FAR – Free after rebate.   
GC - Gift Card 
GM – General Mills 
HGT – Hangtag - coupon or form found hanging from a tag around the neck of a bottle or jar 
Insert – Booklet of coupons found in the Sunday newspaper, insert coupons.   
IP – Internet printable, a coupon or form you can print from the internet.   
ISO – In search of 
KG - Kellogg   
MFG - Manufacturer coupon  
MIR – Mail in rebate.  
MM – Money Maker, a deal where after coupon or rebate you make money with overage  
MQ – Manufacturer Coupon, a coupon issued by a manufacture  
NLA – No longer available 
OAS – On any size, a coupon or form that is valid on any size product or has no size limitations 
OOP – Out of pocket 
OOS – Out of stock Overage – When you purchase an item with a coupon and the item costs less than the value of the coupon you may receive overage.  
OYNO – On your next order 
Peelie – A coupon that you peel off the package.   
PG or P&G – Proctor & Gamble Sunday insert coupon.   
POP – Proof of purchase, required for a refund that is physically taken from a package  
PP – Purchase price  
Printable – A coupon that you print from the internet, computer, phone, or tablet.  
Q - Coupon 
RP – Red Plum Sunday supplement coupons (formerly Valassis).   
R - Regional coupon  
RR – Register Reward, the name of the Catalina promotion at Walgreens.   
SCR - Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid monthly rebate program 
SMP – Specially marked packages 
SS – SmartSource  Stacking – Some stores allow the use of more than one coupon per item 
Tearpad - TP – A pad of refund form or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display.  
Triple Coupon – A coupon that a grocery store triples in value. 
UFG - Up for grabs 
UFT - Up for trade 
UPC - Universal Product Code, the bar code on a coupon or product. 
+Up Rewards - Rite Aid Reward program that prints on the bottom of your receipt when you purchase qualifying items.  
VV - Video Value coupon you get when you watch ad-perk videos at Rideaid.com. 
WSL – While supplies last 
WYB – When you buy 
​YMMV – Your mileage may vary

Coupon Lingo