Know the Policies. Carry the Policies. 

In couponing one of the most important things besides the actual coupons is the store's coupon policies. It is vital to print out your store's coupon policy and keep them with you whenever you are using coupons. It is important to understand the policies so that if there is an issue you know how the policy is intended for customers to use it. More often than not employees want to follow the policies however they may not understand it correctly. Remember to be polite and respectful. If there is an issue with your transaction feel free to ask for a manager. Just please be polite and build a positive relationship with your cashier and manager. It will go a long way. If you do not find a coupon policy online visit the customer service at your store and request a copy of the coupon policy. Click on the store's name and it will take you to their policy. If you have any problems with a link please contact us. 



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