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Couponing is vital to our family. To many people's surprise we do not have a five year stash of laundry soap nor do we have enough toothpaste to last a lifetime. Rather we use coupons to supplement our budget and save money for the fun things in life. By taking the time to use coupons, match sales, and plan meals we were able to reduce our grocery spending from $1,200 a month down to $125 a month. We have taken the money we saved and used that money for vacations and buying other fun things. I highly recommend couponing for every family regardless of their income, lifestyle or family size. Jump on in and enjoy the Bonus Mommie Couponing style. 

Bonus Mommie Couponing Starter Classes are offered free of charge to those who are dedicated to learning how to use coupons and have a shopping smart lifestyle. We are offer classes in person, one-on-one, on Facetime, and in group classes. I also teach special group classes. If you are wanting to learn how to use coupons then the Bonus Mommie Couponing Start Class is perfect for you. If you want to take a class or have a speciality class please message us at jamie@bonusmommie.com for more information. 

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