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Tips to Help You Have a Great Event! 

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Now, you have decided to attend an event. You have spent time working on your products. You have started gather your other items for the event. Take a few minutes and review the tips we have put together for you. 

Create an inviting booth display. We are attracted to things that catch our eye. Your booth display needs to be inviting to shoppers, enhance your products and be functional for you to use. Create a theme for your booth that reflects your business and style. For example, if you make and sell vintage style clothing and accessories than utilize a retro theme with colors, music, and signage. Enhance your products by ensuring they are visible and catch the eye. Use height to draw attention to your products. Demonstrate the functionality of your products. For example, if you make lotions allow shoppers to test the lotion. Remember there are no second chances for a first impression. 

Be Friendly, Not Pushy! Be visible for shoppers to make eye contact, say hello, and smile. Allow your shoppers the chance to browse without feeling overwhelmed or annoyed. 

Know your prices and share it. There is a lot of debate about whether or not you should price all your items. In my opinion it is important to have signage that states the prices or have the items marked. There are a lot of shoppers who do not want to bug you for prices. 

Have a guest book! A guest book is place where shoppers can sign up for your mailing list. This information is important as you expand your business to include newsletters, email coupons, and more. 

Develop a smooth check-out process. It is a great opportunity to get to know your customers; however, once a sale is made it is important to have a smooth process to allow them to pay, wrap up the products, and go back to shopping. It is important to not make others wait. 

Take cash and credit cards. Make sure to bring plenty of change for the cash shoppers.  Have a method to accept credit and debit cards such a Square or PayPal readers. 

Promotional items are a must. Promotional items can be business cards, postcards, calendar of upcoming events or a little giveaway. These items need to match your theme and be eye-catching. You never know when someone will look up after an event to place an order. 

Be over prepared.  Always bring supplies such as tape, scissors, a hammer, extension cords, power strips, replacement bulbs and pieces for your display. You never know what can happen.

Be inventory prepared. It is difficult to know how successful each event is going to be. The biggest thing that is commonly said is most events are considered to be a "cash and carry" event. Success at these types of events means having the inventory available for customers to purchase and leave with it that day. 

Bring snacks and drinks. Although there may be food vendors you never know how crowded they will be or costly. Bring your own snacks and drinks will always be more convenient and less expensive.  

Market the events. Always promote yourself as well as the upcoming events. Share event details on your social media, blog, online stores, etc. Just imagine if every vendor help promote the event how many new customers you can reach at the event. If you know your booth location, share it. Offer a special promotion for those who mention a specific post they get something special such as a small sample size product or a buy two get one. 

Take pictures and promote during the event. Customers love confirmation that you are at an event. Seeing pictures is encouragement for them to stop by. Maybe something they see in the picture will spark a desire for them to purchase that item so they will be sure to stop by your booth. In addition, it is vital to have photographs of your booth for future events. Always make sure to take several photos after set-up and throughout the event.  

Check out the venue. Before the event figure out the layout of the event. Know where the bathrooms, ATMs, food vendors, etc are located. 

Put the phone away. Turn off the ringer. Do not talk, text, or spend time you could be making money on social media. It is very distracting for the customer if your phone is more important and constantly going off while you are trying to do business with them. Focus on those standing right in front of you. 

Be mindful of others. ​This idea refers to a variety of aspects from your customers to other vendors to the event planners. Respect their time by being on time to the event. Be ready to go before the doors open and stay till the doors close. Do not interfere with the potential sale for another vendor. 

Say thank you. A simple 'thank you' goes a long way. Remember to say thank you to the event organizer(s), volunteers, vendors, and your customers. After the event send an email to the event organizer saying thank you and offering any feedback you may have in regards to the event. Send an email to your customers (guest book can help here) encouraging them to visit your shop. It is very well worth it to say 'thank you'. 

We hope you will share with us your stories and topics you would like for us to cover. We are looking for guest bloggers as well. If you have any questions, please email us through our contact us page. Please take some time to look around and let us know if you need anything. Xoxo, Bonus Mommie​